What I Struggle In Photography.

It has been a struggle. I dont find it negative but rather positive as the struggling equates me working hard and doing my best. I think there are two aspects that a photographer must master to be successful. There is the “technical” aspect and the “creative” aspect. As an IT person, I tend to master quickly the technical side of photography, from using the functions of the camera to installing softwares that allow you to do post processing, learning the histogram in relation to the triangles of exposure to gears to use for cetain situations and just everythig technical. They were just pretty much learning things over and over again. With being creative, it’s what I struggle for to be honest. I just felt that I lack the creativity that I need on my photos in general. 

Creativity can be learned and mastered in my own opinion. It takes more practice, practice and practice. But there are just people who are creatively gifted and one of the people I admire to is Benjamin Von Wong. Do search his works and you’ll know what I mean. He was an engineer who quit his 9-5 job to pursue photography full time and he tours around the world to meet creative minded individuals to pull off epic shoots.

With the right team, creativity can be limitless and I think I perform well working with others. It allows me to get other perspective on things that I do not see and bring me something I haven’t experienced before that others on my team have experienced. With my example, Benjamin Von Wong loves working with creative and passionate individuals. You can see the results. Check out his long list of behind the scenes videos and know more about him. 


It all comes down to this. I am still on my infancy stage when it comes to photography and as I keep in mentioning, I still have a lot of work to do to reach where I wanted to go. Knowing my weakness enables me to work more on it as much as I can. With information literally just everywhere on the internet, educating yourself is limitless. You can take it the free way literally or the paid way. Just sayin’. 

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