We Spend More On Accessories

Did you notice that we spend more on accessories now than the actual gear. At least I am talking about the world of photography which I am very much passionate about but I think this could be true to anything in we do in life most specially our hobbies. I will stick to photography still if you don’t mind.

While I was pondering about what accessory to buy next for my gopro, I realized, while these accessories are important, they really come up in total way more than what we spend on just the camera that we are buying it for. At first, we don’t realize it because these accessories are sold into pieces separately. With the GoPro, their accessories are way much expensive but superior in quality and i have experienced that by buying 3rd party cheaper accessories that did not fit well and did not last longer. Accessories are what made the gopro a great success as it provides endless options on how the camera can be used and pimped depending on what your goals are.



The bottomline, while accesorries extend the function of a certain product, in my example, though a good performing product and accessories are good to have, those are only tools you use to create your ideas and make your imagination come alive. Without you the user, those are just pieces of platic, metal, etc that cannot perform by itself. So, while we think much of what next accessory to buy, only buy those which you will really be using and focus on your next project or ideas rather than what to buy next. 

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