The Print

Now I know the feeling of being able to see your photos printed in a book. This is my first time to experience it.

The photo selection process was tidious but I was able to select 80 photos all in all, 40 each. This serves a test to I will know the outcome. It was also the cheapest photo book I can find because I was just testing it out.

The print service of choice was Photobook Mart. So the process was, I downloaded their software which can be found in their website, then installed it. Selected the photos, cropped according to the book layout (landscape and portrait). Then once the photos are all sorted out to be correct including the fonts and cropping, you have to submit it to them online by a press of a button from their software. After it is sent, it links to your photobookmart account and bill you the cost. Once paid, all is set and ready for printing.

Few things I did not like about their service. First, it took it almost 2 weeks to be printed and another week before it was delivered. Once it appeared as “In Transit” from their website tracking system, It reached me the next day. Second, although the software is easy to use, it is not flexible enough so I can have full control on how the photo should appear. For the result though, I found some photos were over saturated which may be dependent on the kind of paper and printer they are using.

I did not regret I did this because it helped me assess how to adjust my processing next time if I want to print from them again.

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