In Loving Memory: Felipe “Eping” Ligutom – 92

We are saddened by the loss of our beloved grandfather Felipe Eping Ligutom who now joined our creator. He died last November 23, 2019, at Silliman Medical Center, Dumaguete City.

Our grandfather was one of the most down to earth persons I have known and whoever I ask, there is not any person that he had a fight or had an argument with. I would talk to him once in a while and will always be amazed at how he keeps up with current events and how he would tell me to take care especially when working with people.

I am not like him who was eloquent in his speeches and in fact, up to know, I still fear speaking in front of people. It seems all I could do is write. My grandpa taught me a lot of things but there was stuff I did not really pay much attention. I guess the stubbornness in me or I just could not comprehend well the way he was able to understand things around us.

To my Lolo Eping, thank you very much for all the things you have taught me, thank you for raising me as one of your sons and thank you for the love and support. I will always cherish the memories I had with you and Lola. I just wished I had more time with both of you. Goodbye for now Lolo. We will see each other again. I love you.

Here’s a tribute for your Lolo Eping.

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