Can’t Wait For The 5th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The 4th event last year was awesome despite I wasn’t able to take photos of the more colorful Hot Air Balloons. This year, it will happen 2 weeks from now (March 28 -31, 2013).
I have learned my lesson last year. I was a little bit upset because me and my wife went there around 11:00AM and went back home around 5:00PM and we didn’t catch the colorful and strange looking balloons that we see in then internet. So I researched about it and found out a very important aspect in flying hot air balloons:

1. Hot Air Balloons are only allowed to fly in the morning and the evening (at least in tropical countries) where the surrounding air temperature is lower. During noon or afternoon, where the temperature of the surroundings may be higher, to fly a hot air balloon, you also need to burn more air to make it more hotter than the surrounding air (hot air produces helium making the balloon fly). During this process, it burns more fuel and becomes unstable.

2. During this event, the balloons only fly at 6:00AM – 7:00AM and 7:00PM to 8:30PM

Upon knowing the above details, I immediately planned to attend the event starting at 6:00PM to be able to catch up the balloons and some fireworks.

I am looking forward to finally shoot this event in the right time and hope this will give information to my readers about events like this if they will be attending to shoot in the future. Hope it helps. Any other tips that I missed? Please feel free to add it on the comments section below.


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