Watch: Christmas 2019 @ MidValley Megamall

I would never miss going to Midvalley Megamall during the Christmas season. It’s because they have one of the biggest true to life toys during Christmas. This year was almost the same as any other Christmas they had.

I believe they just recycled their decorations from last year and added few to make it a bit different. One thing noticeable from last year was the big wooden toys in red and black. I have been seeing that since 2 years ago. Then another thing is the huge teddy bears which are always present and one last thing I noticed from last year are the garland in snow which was entwined with their Christmas tree.

There are some things new though, the stuff in the Christmas tree, the toys and figurines are to mention the few that are new this year.

Here’s the video all taken and edited with an iPhone. Enjoy.
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