Pre-Wedding Shoot With Stephen & Meggie

When all people  in a photo shoot are passionate and have invested time and effort to make the shoot a success, the end result is awesome. Time flew fast that we didn’t even realized that we were shooting the whole day. It didn’t went well as planned but we managed to make the most of it. After all, what we wanted the couple to experience was just have fun and experience what it is to be in a photo shoot. We wanted them to enjoy while we also enjoy taking pictures of them enjoying.

After several  weeks of planning, we reached 1 week before the shoot itself, and we went to the location in Avani Gold Coast – Sepang, Malaysia to see the spots were are going to do the shoot.

Fast forward to the shoot day itself,  I will take you to the shoot and how it happened.

 The team minus Emmer (who took the photo) on our way to the resort. The team minus Emmer (who took the photo) on our way to the resort.



Our first location was the beach. It was early morning and the tide was so low that you can see the water so far from the shore. The place was so wonderful and we began to set up and shoot. We found few spots and things on the beach like  these two metal chairs that the couple sat on the photo above.

The skies that time were overcast and the blue skies didn’t show up. The wind was kinda hinting us that it will rain as few minutes passed just after we took some shots. And then it rained. We had to stop the shoot, pack our gears and move to a shelter and let the rain pass.

 Photos by Emerson Gulle and me Photos by Emerson Gulle and me

After the shots above were taken, it rained when we were at the middle of doing the shoot. We had to run from the beach to a shelter nearby. It was fun and we just joked about the rain but it did took away our shooting hours. Despite that, we had to go on and make the rest of the day useful. Since we booked a cottage/room inside Avani Goaldcoast ( thanks to Stephen and Meggie who made sure we are comfortable and well rested), we headed to the room and rested to get ready for another round.

  Photos by Emerson Gulle  Photos by Emerson Gulle


   Photos by Emerson Gulle and me   Photos by Emerson Gulle and me

We used available props that we had and what was available in the location itself. Bikes and those colorful color wheel whatever they may call it. These kind of shoots, where  you are on a very wonderful location, I made sure  that the place was not taken for granted. Taking wider shots are as important as taking close up shots to emphasize the beauty of the location, or else we could have just shot it in a nearby park.  This is what makes destination shoots so exciting.

 photo by me photo by me

One of my favorite photo of the day was the photo below. There was a place with bamboos forming an arc. The place is just so near the shoreline but too many mosquitos that we had to do the shots quickly and leave to avoid getting more mosquito bites. I can still recall that part, I have clicked my shutter only less than 10 clicks and we moved on immediately.

   Photos by me   Photos by me

Another favorite was the photo below taken at the balcony of the Avani Spa just above the Bilabila restaurant. It showcases the view of almost half of the Avani Goldcoast showing the formation. It was an awesome view. This time I used my Gopro Hero 3+ to make sure everything was captured.

 photo by me using the gopro hero 3+ photo by me using the gopro hero 3+

The overall experience was fun. The important thing was, the couple really had an experience of their life. It is not about rushing things to get the shot but carefully doing it and making sure all the elements in the photo are well placed. Some of the planned location choices were not used because of some constraints that we cannot control. But it did not stop us from modifying according to what was presented while on the shoot. We were supposed to shoot for the sunset but the sun did not set well, it was covered with clouds and we never got the shot that we wanted for the sunset.


This is something we offer and promise  to our clients. When shooting with us, you will never feel it as a photo shoot and more if just having fun and spending private time with your loved ones.  We believe that making the clients comfortable during the shoot, will produce great results and makes the whole thing believable. We are after of the experience and producing believable results.
We are a group of photographers and videographers  based in Petaling Jaya, Selangaor , Malaysia and we do Engagements, Pre-weddings and Events coverage. We are Another Day Another Moment Productions.  Do check our page for more details and get our contact information. You can also email me directly for inquiry.


Big thanks to the team: Emmer and myself – photographers, Adam  Gideon & Holy – videographers
Ivy and Reynold our assistants and driver. Together, we are one team for Another Day Another Moment Productions.

Stephen and Meggie, thank you for the trust and see you guys on your big day in December.
Remain happy and stay in love with each other forever.

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