My First GoPro Timelapse

It wasn’t a great day to shoot with a timelapse or any other photography as clouds are everywhere and worsened by the haze that’s been disturbing Kuala Lumpur’s skyline and every human beings’ throat for almost a week since we had it few months ago as long as I can remember. But my passion to really go out and shoot pushed me to got off my bed and just shoot. So off I went to Kuala Lumpur for an all timelapse shoot with my Gopro. The Haze wasn’t so bad that I don’t need to wear a mask when outside but it was really bad for photography most specially landscape and architecture types of photography.

I was able to take 4 different timelapse sequence in four different locations. This was the main reason I bought a gopro, to do timelapse without worrying to destroy my shutter mechanism of my Nikon DSLR as Gopros are made for timelapses. it can go days and days of shooting without messing up any shutter mechanism.

Let’s get to the final clip. check it out.

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