My First 10K Run

 Poster credit to organizer
Poster credit to organizer

Finally, my long desire to run for an event like this has come to a reality. It has been my goal since 5 years ago but because I am not fit, I had to work harder to be able to run longer. The journey was not easy and I knew it will never be even moving forward. 

This marathon was my first in Malaysia and I only had 2 months to train for it. Yes 2 months. Although I’ve been wanting to run before, I never really trained seriously like this. Not so serious I should say but because I already paid for the event, It helped me push to continue training to make sure I finish the run.

My goal was never to be competitive but I want to feel what they call the “runner’s high” and see what it does to me. Another thing, I had to do something with my weight or else, you know what happens next.

I arrived 45 minutes before the flag off of the 10k while the 21k was just about to start. I didn’t know what to feel when lining up from the starting point, it was mixed feelings. I kept asking to myself if I am really doing this? Will I be able to finish it or will I be struggling from start to finish. The running playlist on my ear phones helped me calm and I said to myself. “Let me just go with this, run and enjoy” thinking that whatever happens, I will deal with it when it happens. 

The first 4 km I think was the most challenging of the route. That was due to most of the higher elevation route are on these first half of the entire 10k. I can still remember seeing most of the participants walking along the long stretch of high elevation in Jalan Utara while approaching the water station on the 4th km.

I ran alone. It could have been better If I ran with some friends but it is what it is. During the run, everything that I could think of, popped in my mind. Then I tend to understand more the lyrics of the songs on my playlist, enjoy the beats as it goes with the beat of my lungs going boom boom. 

I still remember 4 or 6 familiar people I always encounter during the whole duration of the run. When I run, I pass them and be in front of them, and when I catch my breath, walk few meters, they will be ahead of me again and the cycle goes on. I think that motivated me to lessen my walks because most of those runners were ladies and It touched my ego a bit thinking that these girls are even running and so should I.

Personal Best

My training time for 10k was 2 hours. So slow but I was very happy with that considering my fitness level. During the run itself, I finished with my personal best 1:44. This will be the time I will keep on beating to progress with my running and improve. 

The Joy of Running 

After the run, I met a colleague who also ran the same category as me. Chatted for a while and posed for photo taking. It seems that everyone that ran although tired, you can see in their faces the joy and the glow. Everyone was smiling. This must be the effect of the “runner’s high”. I felt the same thing. 

I think another good thing that running brings to us is that it gives us a common ground to meet other people and share experiences. I see running clubs and group of friends who joined together, friends who cheered for a friend who ran and even spectators cheering for the runners they don’t even know. This what makes running in general, a very enjoying event aside from its health benefits.

The PJ Half Marathon is the oldest running half marathon in Malaysia so this is very memorable to me. The organizers really did a great job in preparing such an event. This is something I will be looking forward to join every year if time permits. 

My goal is to join the 21k next year after I improve my time for my 10k to an ideal one.
I will continue to run as much as I can and I will document the journey every step of the way right here on my blog.

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Enjoy a bit of my #Suuntomove to see how the run wen using GPS.

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