Going Paperless

 Photo from Businessgreen.com
Photo from Businessgreen.com

Many of you may not have known that I am an app guy.  Using apps to get things done is a big thing for me. In fact my life revolves mainly in apps. From social media to productivity tools. Recently, I posted on facebook about going paperless. Some of my friends had no clue what it was because I intend not to give much information. After carefully studying about it, I decided to go with it all the way.

This was my post on facebook. 

Introducing my new partner app in life. The app that will help me remember everything and at the same time help me store information and facts digitally. From receipts to my favorite blogs to news and the boundaries are limitless. It’s the Evernote App. I am still new to it and still learning the ropes on how it could help and simplify my life



I have been registered to evernot since 2012 but I never saw its potential until now. Inspired with some articles and videos about it, I decided to go premium. The premium allows me to upload unlimited files but more importantly, OCR is enabled as a premium feature. What this means is anything including pictures and pdf will be searcheable once uploaded.  

Those who would like to learn with me using Evernote, feel free to approach me or send an email or even comment on the comment section below so we can learn together. 

This is it for now. I dont want to go geeky over this so until my next blog post. Will surely give some updates on this. 

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