Visited Singapore Just For The New Year Fireworks

I have watched New Year’s countdown in KL for almost every year now and what I haven’t done is to watch New Year’s countdown in other countries in person. Luckily my friends were planning to go there so I joined them. We traveled by car from Petaling Jaya on the 31st of December around 10AM and reached Johor Bharu around 2:30PM. Checked in at a hotel there and went off to Singapore.

Not only it was my first time to watch New Year countdown Fireworks display on another country, but it was my first time to reach Singapore by car. It rained so hard when we reached the Malaysian-Singapore border with almost zero visibility.

 The reward. This was really the reason we went to Singapore.  The reward. This was really the reason we went to Singapore.

Like any other Filipinos specifically the ones living in Malaysia, the first thing we visit when we go to Singapore is Jollibee. My friend Jill even told me that one time when presenting the immigration form you submit upon entering the border in Singapore, they even put Jollibee as the place to visit and the immigration officer knows where and what it is. That is a true testament that Jollibee is one of the primary reasons we go to Singapore. Just saying!

When we arrived, we ate the meals we’ve been missing for months or almost a year for me, then headed over to orchard road to see their Christmas-adorned streets.

I had fun checking out the streets as we all know, they are very clean and well maintained. Surprisingly, no traffic jam on the eve of 31st December. That is certainly something we don’t experience in Malaysia or Philippines for sure.

 Orchard road has plenty of space Orchard road has plenty of space  The cloudy skies made this view awesome.  The cloudy skies made this view awesome.


We arrived at the Merlion Park four hours before the clock strikes midnight and people were starting to flock from any direction. We had to circle few times near the said park just to look for parking.

I’m not sure if this is how Singapore does its New Year Fireworks display but I was surprised the fireworks started an hour before 12 midnight. At first I thought that the fireworks will mostly start when the clock strikes twelve like most of the fireworks display all over the world. It started with few single blasts then some coordinated fireworks display here and there. From where we were standing, we can barely move but we stood there until the fireworks show was done.

It was well worth the wait. Fireworks display was spectacular and I bet everyone who were there will agree of what I just said.


Like any other huge events, going home after a big crowd is a challenge. Good thing we only had to endure going to the parking area. Once we arrived there, we managed to go while others are walking just to get grab or find their cars parked somewhere far.

The visible buildings at the back of Merlion Park made these place such an amazing spot. Every direction in this place really gets your attention. Not to mention the boats that cruise through the waters within Marina Bay Sands area.

Did you have any great experience during the new years celebrations? Do let me know by commenting on the comments sections below.

Happy new year to all!!!

Special mention to my friends Joann, Jill and Belle who were with me during this trip. Can’t wait for the next one guys! ? ? ?

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