I have A Podcast. I’m Scared.

Podcasting is not that popular in Southeast Asia, that’s why I am very much motivated to pursue this thing as a hobby.

To those who don’t know what podcasting is, it is a platform where you could talk about anything else with anyone. The only difference with this from any other platform is that podcasting is audio only. Think of it as audio library with your favourite people talking about topics that you love or you are passionate about. May it be a comedy or a talk about photography or anything that you can think of. The reason why podcasting is popular is that you can go with your morning commute or even work in the office and listen to podcasts. Podcasts are widely available in Spotify, Apple Podcast app and other podcasting apps out there. The good thing with podcasts is you can download them when they are available or as soon as they are posted and you wont even need internet to play them.

My first episode started July 2019 as an experiment. In fact until as of this writing, I am still experimenting about podcasting. So please spare me from your criticisms.

I love doing it and I think what I need is more confidence and more episodes with helpful topics that my listeners will get something out of. I will continue to polish episode by episode and vow to give value to my listeners.

The podcast is named TheLaziPhotographer which aims to talk about drones, photography, travel and everything in between.

Here’s my trailer.


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