My First Running Event For 2017

A very unexpected turn of event after a long vacation. Yes it was very long and I haven’t run in a while. Just out of nowhere, my colleagues asked me to join them for a fun run. Yes just for fun 5k type of run. It was 3 days before the actual date. 

Who would have thought it was still possible to join 3 days before the event schedule. Thankfully this was just a very small event and the organizers were so kind enough to let anyone join even those who confirmed late. 

The run was named KL Car Free Run, a city wide initiative to not use cars along the main roads of Kuala Lumpur and people are encouraged to run, bike, roller blade or anything as long as it is not a car nor motorbike. Organized by KLCC Running Group, even though I mentioned that this is just a small run, it doesn’t mean that it is not that exciting as bigger ones. They have sponsors like Brooks, Nivea, Under Armor, Drive energy drink are some that I remember. With the sponsors means goodie bags after the run. To top it off, there were major prizes like complete set nivea grooming products, brooks running set apparel, last but not the least, the discount coupon for brooks shoes worth RM160.

The experience was awesome, it was much awesome running with friends. There will be more like this every month so hopefully I can join the next one. 
I prepared a video of the experience. Do check it below.

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