The Midnight Run Experience at Mizuno Wave Run 2016

This is my second 10K and this time is so much different from my first, almost a month ago.
The atmosphere was different. The starting gun fired around 12:00 midnight indicating the start of the race. The 21K category first then our 10K. Not much flashy sponsors unlike the previous one and probably not much joiners too. Don’t get me wrong here, there were still a lot who joined. It’s not just as many as my first one. Most probably because of the venue (away from the city).

Still the experience was great. This time I ran with my friends and it’s so much better compared to running alone. I may have faster time when I run alone but it’s more fun when you do it with others.

Kudos to the organizer and the sponsors for a successful event.

Here’s a short clip of the run.

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