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Productivity is a thing for me now.  I love to try out ways to make a more effective and efficient way to do things that I do everyday. And my worst problem is my low retention span.  Like what we were told before the writing down everything helps you unclog what is on your mind and help you remember easily by looking at what you wrote.  But we are now in the modern age. In my search for a better productivity app that suits my personality,  I came across Evernote in 2012 but realized it’s potential around June of last year. So I started to really use it a lot since then and wrote a blog about me going paperless.

Then mid of this year, I became an Evernote Community Leader. In this way, I can reach out and help more people. I really want to spread the news on how great Evernote is and help people integrate it in their lives.

So what are Evernote Community Leaders?

Evernote Community Leaders are select members of the global Evernote community who have exceptional skills, leadership, and enthusiasm. Online and offline, Evernote Community Leaders share their time and knowledge to help others become experts at using Evernote in their work and daily lives.


  • Creative new ways to bring Evernote into your daily routine
  • How to tailor your workflow to suit your interests or career
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Evernote’s features

This is just the beginning. So those of you who want to take control of your productivity and want to do more efficiently, try out Evernote. It will really change your life.
Don’t know where to start? Contact me.

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