Ten Things To Bring During A Photo Shoot – For Clients

A photoshoot is not just all posing, wearing beautiful clothes and even getting that instaworthy photos. There are a lot of things that happen or things that need to be considered when doing a photo shoot.

What I do with my photoshoots, most specially prewedding, I meet the clients a few days before the date and talk to them about what to bring.

Most clients would not think these things are important as they are too focused on how to pose, what to wear and will they look good and all those stuff so I tell them about this. Although that’s normal, it is still important to let the client know about this.

I even tend to prepare them mentally in terms of what to expect and to tell them it will be a tiring day to set their expectations and so they will know how to adjust.

As photographers, I believe that we also have this obligation to mentally prepare our clients and even motivate them for the shoot. This will only just make sure that the shoot will have a positive outcome. That is why it is always important to have good rapport with your clients.

I made my own list to refer to my clients when I do a photoshoot so here they are:


It is always important to bring snacks such as sandwiches, burgers or anything that does not need to much time preparing that will fill your stomach when you need it. Photoshoots are very demanding that sometimes, you will need to wake up early just to prepare and go to a specific location before the sun shows up. this means clients may not have eaten breakfast and definitely will need something to bite while on the way or while resting in the location. This is a must-have so snacks cannot be omitted.

Extra Clothes

Although clients already have several clothes if there are different looks that need to be photographed, it is always important to have extra clothes to wear during a break or after the shoot is done. During the photo shoot, there is a very big chance you will be sweating a lot due to hot weather or due to walking all day just to get the pose needed. You don’t want to smell sweat after your shoot because you have not brought extra clothes.


bottled water

Shooting all day can be very tiring and what makes it more tiring is if you do not have water on-site while doing the shoot. Chances are it is a hot day and water is something you do not want to miss. Bringing along a big gallon of water and just bring cups to use for everyone. An extra but not really required is if you want to bring icebox just to have some ice for your water. Again, this is a must-have.

Insect Repellant & Sunscreen

Most of my photoshoots are done outdoors. Unless you are shooting in a studio, you may skip this but any outdoor shoots, insect repellant, and sunscreen are must-haves. Shooting outdoors when the sun is not up yet, insect repellants are needed before sunrise and during sunset, while under the scourging heat of the sun, it is very important to apply sunscreen. This is something that any human should already know but again during a photoshoot, these are things that you may not be thinking of because you are too focused on the shoot itself. One thing to note, most insect repellent now have combined sunscreen so you can take advantage of this.

Photoshoot Props

This depends if there are dedicated people assigned to making the props and what not. In prewedding shoots where the couple wants to make their own props, this is something that needs to be ready before the date so it won’t be forgotten. It is a must-have to those clients who want to make their own props for personal preference.

Portable Mini Fans

This wonderful gadget was not available 10 years ago. but recently with the arrival of China products, cheaper portable mini fans are more affordable and can be found almost everywhere. These mini fans can be charged through USB and can last up to a few hours depending on how big its battery. I find very useful during breaks and while waiting for the shoot to start, clients can fan themselves and relax while waiting. If you have 1 or 3 of these, you can bring all of it to use alternately. Or you can bring one and just include a power bank, to charge it while doing the shoot and use it when resting.


This is another thing to use while resting or when the photographer is arranging some stuff on the scene or waiting for that perfect light or people to disperse. Umbrella can really help you go through the shoot and feel relaxed while the shoot is not ongoing. Er might not know the umbrella can also be used as a prop when it rains or when it’s too hot to shoot.

Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should not only be on shoots but should be in your car all the time so it can be used when needed. I just included this if the client doesn’t really bring Emergency Kit so it won’t be forgotten. The shoot can still go on without this but it is always good to have peace of mind that when something happens, you always have something you can use.

Garbage Bags

We know how it can be messy sometimes during a photoshoot. Especially if you are doing the shoot in a public or tourist spot. It’s better to bring garbage bags to use to clean the area after the shoot. This shows you are a responsible person and will make sure that other people can also use the location without messing it up.

Happy Attitude

One last thing although not a tangible thing that you can bring, when you go to a photoshoot with a happy attitude, it kind of amplifies the result of the shoot. When you have a happy attitude, it reflects on your emotions on the picture and will show that you are having a good time doing it. This makes the shoot become more effortless and you won’t get tired easily.

These are the things I would ask my clients to bring during a photoshoot and it has been very helpful from time to time. You may add depending on what situation or type of shoot you will be having but these are the basics for me. Please take note that I am in a region where there is no snow and we only have rainy and dry seasons. If for some reason you live in a region where you experience four seasons, please adjust accordingly. Maybe you won’t bring fans under snow and the windy environment as an example. You get the idea.

One thing is for sure. Clients still have responsibility during a photoshoot and being able to bring the above mentioned, makes you worry-free as a client when it comes to the photoshoot day. For sure, I suggest asking someone like a friend or family member to help you with these as it might be overwhelming to think about bringing these items with you on top of focusing on the shoot itself. It is always a good practice to have someone assist you in bringing your clothes and stuff.

What do you think? Have you gone to a photo shoot and found out you forgot something or wished if you brought something?

Please let me know your story in the comments sections below.

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