Prewedding: PJ & Regina

PJ & Regina’s prewedding session is not your ordinary photoshoot. Aside from the fact that  I know them personally, I love their concept which happened in 2 separate locations.

The first location: Taman Rimba TTDI

We started around quarter to 9am. I knew we had to start early because it will be too hot on a later time and photoshoots on a hot day can be very very exhausting to the couple.

They have a pet named Portia. The couple wanted me to include her as she is very special to them. Our shoot with Portia and the couple went well. We all know how difficult it is to shoot with dogs most specially during a hot day. We nailed it and had little or no issues at all with Portia.

You might have seen Regina before if you ha e been following this blog for a long time. That’s because I had a chance to do a portrait shoot with her on a personal project that I was working that time. I believe that was 2013.

She modeled for my project, The Sneakers & Jerseys Portrait series.

PJ on the other hand, I knew him from a basketball league that he plays which my friends and former colleagues play.

I just love their chemistry together. It made my work much easy. There were so many spots on this location that we can go and pose and to top it off, there were less people. There were people running and doing exercise but after 9:30am most of them left the park already so we had more spots to shoot.

Above spot is one of my favorites in this series.

With our second location, we headed to Scott Garden in Kuchai Lama as the couple rented a duplex just for the shoot.   I’d say, it was a perfect choice. The unit was huge and the light is amazing inside because of the window up to the ceiling.

They wanted me to shoot them in bed and just the casual in bed set up. We had half of the day to shoot so we took a lot of photos.

The good thing a out doing a photoshoot indoors is that you won’t get tired because it’s not hot and even if it rains outside, you still can continue to shoot.

We did not bring Portia here so we could focus on them.

We had variety of spots and I asked them to wear formal too.

Their story started when they first met in an elevator in the office. We sort of visited the memory lane by posing some shots in an elevator.

Thank you PJ and Regina for trusting me to take you prewedding photos. It was an honor also to be there during the preparation of the big day itself. This memory will always be special to me and will always be thankful for it.

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