Bhong & Jho’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Yes it’s my brother’s pre-wedding photoshoot. Although we are family, shooting this photoshoot is something I really wanted to do for my brother and I treat them as my clients so the desire to produce quality photos is still top priority. 

It was a one and a half day shoot and we started to this very unusual spot. They specifically chose this and I like it. We had few minutes to shoot before moving to the next one

The second spot was breathtaking. We headed to a mountain just few minutes from our first location and we were treated with a scenery that you don’t see much often in pre-wedding photos.  

The next day, we planned to go to a very wonderfully secluded beach but since it is now private, no one is allowed to go inside. Apparently, they are also renovating the place. While on our way to the said beach, we passed by these wonderful tree formation along the road that is very eye catching. So I told them to stop and we did our 3rd location shoot there. I like how the yellow leaves compete with the greens in  the scenery which looked awesome when hit by sunlight. 

This is one of my favourite spots during our shoot and in fact I shot one for myself with the help of my daughter.  

Our aim for the next location was to shoot at the century old house in the town of Enrique Villanueva. When we reached there, it was closed and not pleasing enough so we decided to proceed to a beach right beside the house. Just like any other beach in the area, the sand is pure white and the water is so blue. We named to take few shots there. 



We capped the shoot at a beach in the town of Laurena just few minutes before sunset. It was very quick and the next thing we knew, we are about to lose the sun. 


The golden color of their skin was the effect of the sun about to set. I love shooting at this time of the day for that reason. 


 From left to right: My mother, Auntie Elsa, Kate (my daughter), Michelle (my wife), Michael (my cousin) and the couple behind
From left to right: My mother, Auntie Elsa, Kate (my daughter), Michelle (my wife), Michael (my cousin) and the couple behind

I sincerely thank my brother and his wife Jho for their trust in chosing me as the official photographer for their pre-wedding and actual day wedding. 

By the time you are reading this, the wedding should be already finished as I am releasing this article on their wedding day itself. 

Do check out their live story below. This video will also be played during the dinner reception after the wedding itself.  

See you until the next one. 

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