Obsessions With Charm, Cathy and Honey

Honestly speaking, this organized photo shoot named as “Absolute Obsessions” is my first to join a very well planned photo shoot with amazing models from the Philippines. The location was perfect and I had a great time during the half day shoot.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of the organizers (Anthony Mendoza Barlan ) for inviting me for this shoot. I never had regrets joining it as it was a wonderful experience for me. Special thanks to a fellow Filipino whom I was introduced to, he is Michael Dilodilo who shared his ride with me since it was my first time going to the shoot location and it is a little bit far from where I live.

The location was so perfect. It’s a house studio they call “The Mansion” and the setup is so wonderful. You can have 4 or more different setting in in this location and you can arrange it the way you want it.

The first shoot was with Charm. The concept was a sexy gorgeous painter with paint splatter in almost everywhere on her body, ambient light on the right side window. She was clothed with a single piece of fabric, formed as a dress just to cover her private parts. It gives a sense of a little bit of implied nudity which is just enough. We had 45 minutes to shoot her and we were 6 photographers. Each group will have to move to the next model after the time given and shoot.

With Charm, she was just posing, doing her thing, listened to our directions on what poses we ask for her. I enjoyed shooting and like everyone else, my camera goes click to click to click. It was almost our time to move to next model that we were told we can have her top off . So some photogs had her took off her top and just cover the upper part with her hands. I got some few shots of it and i got one that I liked.

Next model was Cathy. She’s just a girl who was easy going and was so pumped for the shoot. Very friendly and i even had the chance to talk to her while the set was fixed by the organizers. This time, the setup was that she was only wearing her lower underwear and everything was dark with a dark net structured thing to cover her body. The effect was kinda gothic in a sense. Her body has splatter of dark paint also which made it so cool.

Last and not certainly the least was Honey. She was so quiet but I had a great conversation with her. She was in a bedroom with bath tub and shower on it so we shot her in so many positions starting from the bed itself with natural light coming from the glass window on her left.

I shot most of the time with my 50mm and I noticed that some shots I got with the 18-55mm were not as good of a portrait shot for me. I alternately shoot with and without on camera flash. When I used my flash, I just have to bounce it from the wall to give a soft yet fill light as natural light was so brighter from the window. Only Cathy’s shoot were done with all flash as the setup was dark and studio strobes were really setup for it.

Overall, i was happy to have participated that shoot. I was able to experience what its like to shoot models who do it as a job. Not much directions needed, they know what to do when it comes to posing and getting look desired. They don’t complain to whatever you want them to do.

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