Looking For Inspirations

I have not been shooting frequently like last November and December of 2012. Those were the peak moments of my photography as a hobby. Although, I am still serious and want to learn more and shoot more, my current state has not been so cooperative. I am not regretting on this but it’s just how life goes. I don’t depend on photography as my source of income so my current job should be something I should focus. That’s where I get the money to buy my gears anyway.
I just moved from a new company and for the past 1 month, I have been making sure that the transition is smooth and so far, so good. I haven’t shot any portraits since January and I long to shoot Portraits. Every once in a while I bring my camera with me to keep on shooting and shoot landscapes. But not Portraits with people. Although I love doing both, landscapes are easier to pull off and you don’t need much people to work with. You can even go and shoot alone.

To those who have been in photography, how do you find inspirations? Maybe through other photographers? Do you study every aspect of that photographer?


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