Tropical Summer Hostel & Cafe – A Refreshing & Modern Stay In Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most visited city in southeast Asia. It’s just right that when you travel there, you make sure that the place you stay is close or even much better than what you feel when you’re at home.

Tropical Summer Hostel and Cafe is not your ordinary hostel. It packs with features you’ll never see in other hostels or even other places to stay in Bangkok.

The Directory

Above is the directory written on the wall as sort of a guide to what each floor has. What I like most is the Relax Space and Chill space.

Their little garden on the rooftop is refreshing. It’s evident how this place was planned well. Hanging out at here at night is just awesome and you’ll see the city’s skyline while enjoying the company of your friends and even if you need a me time.

Relax Space

This is the Relax Space mentioned in the directory where a smart 4k TV wired with high speed internet with three bennies and a comfortable furry mat. This is my favourite spot in the hostel suitable for family or alone time of their guests.

The Bar / Reception

This is where guests are received and also order food and beverages that they offer. Francis was the one in charge in this area.

They offer food from breakfast to local beers and coffee hot or cold.

Rooms & Hallways

The rooms are properly marked with the name and indicates the capacity of each rooms.

Below is where I slept, inside Bunk Room 2 and it is wide enough to fit one person.

What is more appealing from this place is the bar and cafe area. It’s just amazing what they’ve done to this place. I’m sure you’ll love to hang out here too aside from the Relax Space.

We had so much fun exploring Bangkok and our stay at Tropical Summer Hostel has been an awesome experience. We hope to come back again soon. This place is highly recommended from all of us. The fact that I was the first person to rate this place in Tripadvisor, it just means that this place is fairly new and it has not been explored yet.

Let me know about your thoughts on this place. Would you like to stay here?

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