Team Outing @ Lexis Hibiscus – Port Dickson, Malaysia

Our team at work just consist of few people so planning never really was a problem. With everyone’s help, we were able to went ahead as planned. 

Lexis Hibiscus in Port Dickson was the perfect location for this small outing because we didn’t have to prepare much activities but rather just enjoying each others company and just to hang out.  

This post may look like just a hotel review as we did not have any team activities during this outing. We just hang out and spent time with each other for the duration of the outing so just a heads up, you will see more photos of the room we stayed at Lexis Hibiscus.


Headed to the beach side as we were waiting for the check in time.

 Lexis Hibiscus Lounge
Lexis Hibiscus Lounge



The Room

The room was amazing. It has all the basics with more and sophisticated stuff. You can roll down or up a small part of the window to let more light in or allow no light to go inside the room. They have their own list of movies to watch on their tv. Not much selections but its great to just have it. Sound quality of the tv is great as the room has proper speakers that makes you just want to listen to music and lay down in bed. 

The best part of the room is the mini pool at the back part of it. It is overlooking other mini pools too in the surroundings. Awesome sunset at our room. 

Big thanks to the team for the efforts in making this outing possible. 
Thanks to Theeran for helping upgrade our room to a bigger and better one. The team appreciates this very much.


I prepared a short video of our experience. 
See and enjoy below. 
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