Team Building At Perhentian Island

Our boss (TL) Mohana Ganesh planned this team building since January if I remembered it right. I knew back then that I had to join not only to enjoy the beauty of Perhentian Island but to relax, destress and bond with my teammates.

It was 4 days and 3 nights of awesome team bonding and adventure. My favorite part was snorkeling day where we spent 5 hours snorkeling in 5 different spots on the island.

We also hiked at one of the highest points of the island where the view was breathtaking. It was at least a 45-minute walk up hill in the most unexpected terrain you’ll see.

Well, maybe I’m just exaggerating but we were nit prepared for this. We were on our beach sandals and shoes but off we went and the outcome was rewarding.

Selfies, and more selfies. Since mobile coverage bad in the island, at least we could do just selfies, tons of selfies.

Wait there’s more.

Let me show you a bird’s eye view of the island.

The other beach of Pulau Perhentian Kecil, the small island. There are not many tourists on this side of the island as most of them go to the long beach on the other side.

Below is the long beach area where most of the people go. The waves here are better than the one we were staying. Also, most of the restaurants and fancy resorts can be found here.

Here’s a video to sum up what happened during our team building. Do like comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

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