KL Malls & Their Luxurious Christmas Decors

Christmas is not just all about presents and parties. To make the ambiance more special, we adorn our houses with Christmas related stuffs. Nowadays, its not only homes that are decorated but malls as well. Malls are one of the most visited places during the Christmas season not because people just love to go there but it is where most people buy presents for their loved ones. Malls are now decorated as luxurious as it can be to attract shoppers and mall goers during this season. I went to each of the malls within and near KL, see how they were extravagantly spending for Christmas decors.

Suria KLCC

This mall as always flocked with tourists, is probably what you think will be one of the best decorations for Christmas this year. I was thinking of that too. Until I went there. The main elevator (at the center) of the mall is getting renovated so it is all covered with tarp. Not good to the eyes. All I was able to capture was the main center of the mall and some on the walkways.
There could be some Christmas trees outside of the mall facing the fountain but I was not able to take a picture of those and I am only focusing on the interior of malls

Above: The normal Christmas figures like Santa Claus and Christmas trees and lights can also be seen here. Not bad of a selfie to be taken and posted in social media. But I think the creativity was just not up to par with the others. It looks like they just recycled the decorations from last year and added some to make it a bit different.  

The huge hanging gifts with Santa Claus looks very simple and something very common for me. It still looks elegant but it think it lacks creativity.  

 The stage area: Suria KLCC mall
The stage area: Suria KLCC mall


Mid Valley Mega Mall

One of the busiest mall in KL, has one of the most creative Christmas decors I have seen this year. With the theme focused on  fantasy garden with a Crystal Palace right at the centre court of the mall. Its interiors are also adorned with colorful ornaments that you would see in a garden mostly like flowers. 


I have to say that it is well planned and the theme resonates to the rest of the mall. Good job to the management for such a very grandiose Christmas decorations. They certainly have raised the standards for Christmas.
Click the photos to enlarge.

 The Centre Court Christmas masterpiece viewed from the 5th floor
The Centre Court Christmas masterpiece viewed from the 5th floor


1 Utama

One Utama’s Chrsitmas theme is more like a garden fantasy, a little bit closer to MidValley’s decorations  but with a twist of fantasy on it. First of all, the flowers are so damn huge and emphasized with bugs which are also very huge hanging towards the flowers. Its main Christmas tree is mostly made of crystal balls.

Uniformity and consistency can be seen all over the mall. A very creative yet sophisticated approach is what I call it. Well done to those who conceptualized, initiated and to those who made this concept a reality. Certainly this cannot be achieved without spending a huge sum of money. Again, well done.


Berjaya Time Square

Berjaya Time Square is probably the first mall in KL to decorate for Christmas. I remember seeing these decorations way back September. Due to its high ceilings and huge pillars. 
They always have a unique kind of decorations which in my opinion is influenced greatly with Chinese tradition and culture. 


Paradigm Mall

This 2016 Christmas theme for Paradigm mall is Mickey & MInnie with lots of toys and gifts. Their main sponsor was UOB bank as it can be seen in most of the decors and posts. Great idea for this concept as this will really attract children and families. 
I love how they form the MIckey logo which can be seen from top. So I made sure that I capture the whole thing from above and indeed it was awesome to look from above.
Main walkways of the mall are also adorned with flags and Christmas decors in accordance to the Mickey & MInnie concept.
Certainly a great place for selfies with friends and families.
Check out the rest of the pictures below. 


Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid Mall took the opportunity of the showing of “Rogue One” movie as they incorporated Christmas with  Star Wars showcasing the movie itself.  They have Christmas Tree with starwars stuffs on it instead if balls and other christmas decors, Virtual reality corner, photo booths and Starwars stuffs for sale.
Not to mention the star wars inspired CHristmas trees located at multiple areas of the mall, it makes the whole concept more appealing to the mall goers and shoppers. 
Photos can be seen below.


NU Sentral

Two malls above this had one thing in common when it comes to the Christmas decoration concepts. They all incorporate toys. NU Sentral has that concept but in a big way. I mean it literally. They call it “NU Town”. A town consisted of huge toys. They have train station, houses, stores etc made of life sized toys.

 A very artistic approach of Christmas Tree by NU Sentral
A very artistic approach of Christmas Tree by NU Sentral
 The NU Town
The NU Town

They have utilized their huge space by filling it up with huge things. Like for example the Christmas balls below, look how huge they are compared to that Christmas tree near them.


Fahrenheit 88

Next, Off I went to Bukit Bintang, the most touristy place in KL which is also the home of the biggest malls here. Farenheit 88 has a very interesting concept which still focuses on children. They call it “Candid Christmas”. It showcases candies. Lots and lots of it just hanging on the corner and on the middle part of the mall is their main display.  It almost looks like Christmas in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie. A dream come true this must be for kids.



Last and certainly not the least is Pavilion Mall in Bukit Bintang. Swarovski has done a very good job in doing Christmas decors for this mall for consecutive years. Last year was a huge Christmas tree consisting of Swarovski crystals.. It was really amazing. 

This year was even more grandiose. They incorporated as what it looks like, a Crystal Palace and a Carousel which again looks very much inviting for kids. Huge Christmas trees that are as high as the 3rd level, the entrance with a huge curtain indicating you are entering to a magical world if Christmas and hourly entertainers including photo opportunity with Santa.

 The mall entrance fountain has a very huge Christmas tree
The mall entrance fountain has a very huge Christmas tree

While we may focus on how a certain mall is saving a lot for not putting up lavish Christmas decors or why a mall has spent so much for such overwhelming decorations, I think it is important to know that this shows how dedicated a mall is when it comes to giving back to the community most specially to the kids. Who knows if some malls who even didn’t have much to spend for this event as they might be going through some financial problems within themselves. 
These lavish decorations will not stop but instead will only become the standard to improve on for next year. With social media these days, these decorations can easily turn into ads themselves which are reaching to its customers for free. Thanks for the free marketing mall goers who posted selfies with Santa. 

This goes to show that even in a multi cultured country, Christmas and the true spirit of it still finds its way to make the celebration more special all throughout the world. 
Hope all you had a Merry Christmas. Thank you for the time reading. I know this is a bit long article but I want to make sure you see what I wrote about. 

NOTE: All photos were taken with my phone (Huawei P9)

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