How To Activate eSIM for your Compatible Device

eSim or electronic SIM cards are slowly being added to new mobile phone devices. Some of the new ‘mobile phones that are eSIM capable are the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR. I am currently residing in Malaysia and as of this time in writing, Maxis is the only local service provider the offers eSIM to its subscribers.

If you want to know more about eSIM and its benefits, please check out further details here .

As a Maxis customer I checked their website and found out that they are now accepting eSIM activations for few models only. Please see 2 pictures below with an overview of the steps on how it is done.

Maxis eSIM
Maxis eSIM
Maxis eSIM
Maxis eSIM
















I went straight to a nearest Maxis centre as this will require you to go to one. Right after confirming my account, the customer support lady told me that she will be providing me eSIM activation kit.

Indeed after 2-3 minutes, she handed me over the activation Kit. It consists of the card itself and some instruction.


esim - Maxis
esim – Maxis

Important Notice: 

Before you do the steps please make sure you are connected to a wireless network. They will deactivate your existing sim so that the new eSIM will work once you activate it. Activation requires your phone to be connected to internet.

 The Activation Kit The Activation Kit

All I had to do was, go to my Settings> Mobile Data and click “Add Data Plan”. Then the phone will ask you to scan the QR code (ash shown above).



Then after 5-15 minutes after activation, your phone should work like normal. 

Hope this short article helped you in some way. Did you have a different experience activating your eSIM? Do let us know at the comment section below. 



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