Cambodia: Temples And Night Markets

Traveling is fun but traveling with 6 friends and being the only guy is more fun.

This group travel started last year around 2nd week of October  where we headed for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Here’s the post for that trip. 

 Left to Right: Jo Anne, Rene, Jill, me, J'Rose, Belle and Fatimah Left to Right: Jo Anne, Rene, Jill, me, J’Rose, Belle and Fatimah

The Solo Must-Haves

Our tuktuk companion for the weekend. We had a great experience with the Tuktuk drivers we paid for the weekend. They really did extend their services to us even though we are late or have to pass by the grocery store to buy a halal food. They did not even attempt to overcharge us or ask for more with their services.

Our experience with them were exceptional. Our friends even treated them for a drink one night just to repay them for their kindness.

To my friends Jo Ann, Jill, J’Rose, Fatimah, Rene and Belle, thank you guys for a great experience and fun. It is always a great pleasure traveling with you guys. Until the next one!

I have compiled a video of the trip. Do enjoy.

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