Ao Nang, Krabi: Islands & Lots of Tans

Krabi is one of the nearest beautiful beaches from where I currently reside. So I packed my stuff and headed for a 4-day adventure.


If you have read good things about Krabi, I can tell you they are true. The rock formations, islands you can choose to go and the white beaches are some of the few things I love about this place.

There are literally lots of trips you can choose or islands you can hop with just a speed boat in minutes.

Phra Rhan cave Beach is one of the famous in one of the islands. This place is majestic and to top it off, they have cliff climbing set up for those who are into it. This where you can also dip into the water without getting burned until around 2pm because a huge part of a cliff covers the beach from the sun.

I live in a beautiful island called Siquijor in the Philippines but visiting this place with so many surrounding islands is too overwhelming. Its like you need more than a week to explore all the islands separately.

Despite all the posts I see online about how drones are not alowed in Krabi, I still brought mine. It was well worth the extra  few grams in my bag. It turned out as I asked around, only those islands that were declared as heritage site are prohibited for drones. So I managed to take off my drone and captured one of the best drone shots I have taken with my drone.

Food is not a problem. You will find a lot along the streets and when you are walking along the scourging heat, Don’t forget to try this ice cream in a coconut. Just your normal ice cream with nuts and coconut strands.

A place you stay with a nice pool is the ideal place to stay in case you get bored with the beach. It can be pretty full at times but just nice to have one. Just make sure it’s nearer to the town proper so you wont have to travel just to go to the beach.

The night life is awesome I assume based on the number of clubs I see when I walked down town. I haven’t experienced it though as I am not a club guy. Id rather spend more time sleeping during the evening and do more in the morning.



The weather can vary from time to time. That day when I went out, it was so hot but in the afternoon rained so hard.

This is what I could salvage from the sunset scene herw in Ao Nang.

I managed to compile a video of mg trip. Do check it out.


Have you had a good or bad experience in Krabi? Let me know from the comment section below.

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