Get Out Of Auto

A lot of people who likes photography are afraid of getting out of the “auto mode” camera settings for the fact that they won’t know what to expect. In fact, they didn’t bother to try at all. Well, i found a good news for us all.
I found a website by Canon that helps you try out using manual mode and actually lets you see the result.. Here is the screenshot of it.


The encircled portions with green are the settings you can adjust and the actual photo will be below it. There is even a description at the left side of the page which tells you everything about the correct exposure.
In this web application, it actually has a light meter the same way as your camera so you’ll know if your settings is overexposed or underexposed. This is also another way of understanding the exposure triangle through actually doing it.

Check the get out of auto website from Canon.
We thank Canon for this genius idea.

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