I fell in love with this versatile gadget and as long as I can, I will keep on documenting anything going on that interests me. These probably would mostly compose of behind the scenes footage of a photo shoot or photo walk and event travels that I will be going to. But don’t forget, I am a sports lover so expect some sports action every now and then. Timelapses with the GoPro will definitely be shown here so enjoy the videos. Please take note that they are in a chronological order and the top videos are the most recent.
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Very thankful for a friend for bringing me to Putrajaya and I was able to test my GoPro Hero 3+ which was few days old that time. CHeck out the 100fps footage


 It is a little bit shakey as I held it with my one hand while running and tackling at the same time. I had no chesty mount that time so I did a hip side POV. Check it out.


The first video I took with the GoPro mounted on the flat mount that came with it.