The Olympus OM-D E-M5 III Is Here

Disclaimer: Please take note that this is not a review of the newly released camera from Olympus but just some photos of the camera. Dont worry, you will not be empty handed. Just read on and I promise I will give link up to my friend’s blog and youtube for his review.

After 4 long years, Olympus has finally released an iteration of the OMD EM5 II which is the III and it’s been looking very good with its specs so far.

Let’s get straight to the photos shall we?

If you have seen the predecessor of this model or own it, you might not see an obvious difference from the two as they literally look the same. What’s difference for sure is the processor that enables the camera to work even more efficiently and faster.

For the details about the specs, please visit this link.

For an extensive review of this camera, my friend Robin Wong had posted a blog about his review with this camera.

Check them out here:

Robin’s EM5 III review blog post

Robin’s Youtube review on the EM5 III

I hope you get something out of this or at least I’ve pointed you to the right direction. Until the next blog post. Thank you for reading.

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