One Gear Down!!!

On my month of thinking it over on whether to buy a go pro or an ultra wide lens, I came across a very unexpected incident. Last week, while doing portrait shoots, my trusted old manual flash broke and decided by itself not to work anymore. The light indicators still lit up, and it can still be turned on and off but the flash just doesn’t work.

I bought this simple flash about a year ago and it has served it’s purpose as far as I can remember, It worked almost all the time without fail, unless the battery is completely drained. Although it is manual flash, I did not regret I bought this as it really taught me how to manually dial the settings for certain situations that I am shooting. 

I remember my first shoot with this flash was around 4th quarter of 2012 and shot it with an awesome friend Lyka and from that shoot, it just went on and on to the next shoots. 

Before I was able to buy my second flash, this old one that I got broke and I have to buy a replacement for a series of shoots are going to happen this June 2014. This is it for now, one gear down, and as we all know, electronics do break down and just like life in general, we just move on and buy the next one.  Good bye my good old flash, you were certainly part of my journey in photography that I will always look back to.  

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