The Lens That Changed Mobile Photography

I have been studying on how to further my mobile photography. After few months of research and consuming content online, Moment lens keeps popping up. So I went on and shifted my research if this piece of accessory for the mobile phone really improves the quality of mobile photography including videography. One thing is certain, the moment lens is not cheap and can only be purchased online through the Moment website. But I can assure you, this lens is sharp, portable and easy to attach.

The company (Moment) started in 2014 with a Kickstarter campaign and since then, they now have a version 2 of their lens, new added accessories supporting Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and the iPhones and more support from the mobile photography community.

Moment Lens for mobile

The lens is not some cheap plastic that you clip on your mobile phone camera just what you see being sold on the streets. It definitely feels premium by its build and feels alone. A bit heavier than your phone case most likely. This is the closest experience you will get just like using a DSLR camera when it comes to changing lenses on your phone. You line up the lines then twist and it will get mounted to the case. They way it works is that you need to have the phone case to be able to mount it from your phone so if you change the phone in time, just make sure you change from either of the 3 (Samsung Galaxy S series, Google Pixel and iPhone) as these are the supported models for now.


Future Proof

The lens once mounted on the case will not loosen up or easily get removed as what happens when you mount a lens to a DSLR camera. You have to twist it in the correct direction to be able to unmount it. This is very important to make sure this lens doesn’t fall while you are using it. The reason why it is future proof is that, once you have the lens or all the 4 lenses ( wide, macro, fisheye and tele), these lens will work with any case used for the three models that were mentioned. If you plan to upgrade a phone or a new one comes out, all you need to buy is the phone case and it will work with the lenses.
Moment has committed to making phone cases for newer models in the future so that is a good thing.

Moment Lens attached in case

Premium Build Quality – Photo Case

Since the lens needs to be paired with a phone case, let’s talk about the phone case first. For my Google Pixel 2 XL, I chose the Walnut Wood version of the case, Black Canvas is also available (see below). I had more phone cases in my lifetime averaging of at least 4 for each phone I have used, with the moment photo case, it really feels great in my hands. I can see that this was well thought from the packaging to the interior and exterior, not to mention the material they used is just perfect to hold. I have tried other phone cases and when fit into a 6 inch screen mobile phone, it becomes tiring to hold after you have been holding it for a while. This one is not like that at all. The more I hold it, the more I like to hold it more longer. It has a rubbery feel and toughness but not rigid

Moment Photo Case  - Wallnut Wood

Moment Photo Case

The case has slots for a hands strap. This is vital in using the case because as the lens is mounted, the whole thing becomes heavier and there is a tendency of it falling from your hands. This small hands strap slot is and added feature that protects your investment and I appreciate them thinking about it and implementing on the design of this case.
One thing that most of us don’t notice is the volume and power keys being hard to press when the phone is inserted to most phone cases. It’s not the case for the Moment Photo Case that I got. They specifically made the volume and power button slightly thinner than the actual thickness of the phone case making it soft and responsive to push those buttons. They really made it precisely crafted for the phone it is intended for. Another reason for a well thought design is that with this case, the squeeze function (Active Edge) of my Pixel phone still works like a breeze.  The edges of the case slightly protrudes in front to protect the screen during accidental drops faced down. The Walnut Wood feels really like a wood. I’m not sure if this will deform when exposed to heat and water though.
We’ll see as time passes by. I will definitely post an update after 6 months of use.


Premium Build Quality – The Wide Angle Lens

Right off the bat, when I held the lens for the first time, I immediately felt this is a premium quality lens judging by its weight and seeing the glass in front of it. The mount that attaches the lens to the case looks metal and so it is sturdy enough to hold and keep the lens on the case. I will have to see if it gets scratched easily on the outside. I like that they included the lens cover and the lens pouch to protect the lens from getting scratched and from bumps. Here’s a tip, the pouch also serves as cleaning cloth.

 this is what's inside the box of the Wide Lens V2 this is what’s inside the box of the Wide Lens V2

Moment 18mm wide Lens

Moment Lens


Moment Lens

With the pictures laid out, you must ask how much did all of it cost. With all its bells and whistles and great aesthetics, there is one point where we draw the line if it’s too expensive. In my opinion, these products are not cheap but the quality you are getting is far superior compared to other competitors in the market.

While I still have to justify and produce great photos and videos out of these tools, the lens and the phone camera are just part of the tools in the process of creation. Please bear that in mind.

I will surely update you guys on my future posts of the results using them.
More photos and videos to come. Until the next one.

Do check out the Moment website to see their products.

If you are interested in this lens and have some questions, please do not hesitate to write a comment below. I will help you as much as I can.
I will be posting some photos taken with this lens on my Instagram so make sure to follow my account.

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