Mechanical Keyboard Obsession

Let me set this straight right off the bat. I’m not a hardcore PC gamer. In fact I don’t have a gaming PC. Games nowadys that keep me busy are all on my mobile phones and I am happy that way.
I think I’m just in an infant stage of mechanical keyboard obsession. I just started about few weeks back when 2 of my team mates in the office had their own mechanical keyboard. The next thing I know, I had my own. This is not a bad thing for me because I like having to use a mechanical keyboard. Pimping it is another thing. Mind you this obsession is not cheap but it’s good that since I’m new, I am still able to control myself from buying those expensive stuffs.

Stealth Raptor MKA-7

I’m using the Armageddon Stealth Raptor MKA- 7 Mechanical keyboard with 104 brown cherry MX switches. The black key caps came as standard out of the box with the keyboard. It’s back lit and the light has adjustable pulsating effect of maldive blue leds.  It has its own microphone, usb port and head phone slots on the right side of the keyboard which makes it easy for plugging in audio and usb.

Replaced the original key caps with:
Modifiers: Blue PBT Key Caps + Gold QWERASDF and arrow keys
Rest of the keys: White ABS Double Shot Molding key caps

 The changing of key caps The changing of key caps

Changing the key caps of the modifiers is a bit tricky. You will need a stick to poke out the lever that hods the cap. for the rest, the puller that comes with the key caps works great.

Here’s a close up of the keys particularly on the gold and blue. I like this combination for now and will not change it for a while.

 Before I changed the black key caps with the white. Before I changed the black key caps with the white.  The final set up  The final set up

Like any other hobbies, or shall I say obsession, this can go very much to the extreme. I saw some key caps priced at $300 us dollars which is way to high. Some really go that far and I can’t blame them. It is really something you have an option to go for. That is if you have the money to feed your obsessions. For me, I’m still on the stage of exploring what I want,  I may or may not go way too much on this but who knows. All I know is it feels good to use and makes my desk a bit colorful and something makes me motivated to go to work everyday.

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