The Portrait Photos Since I Started Photography

Photography has done so many great things in my life. I have not been on the industry for so long but at least it resulted so many great things in my life. I have been trying other subjects to shoot for and there are 2 or 3 subjects that I like to shoot the most. Those are portraits of people, landscapes and events. Focus on this three will be my priority as it brings joy and more enthusiasm to me when shooting.

Printed my previous portrait photos into small prints and pasted them on my white wall. Literally like hundred of them which I print to 4x8s. Having it on my wall reminds me of my passion for this hobby and keeps me aligned and not distracted. With the emergence of Pokemon go and the noise in social media, you can get derailed from the path to a hobby you have been into. So this is my way of a reminder to myself. After all, I’m just a newbie. 

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