Urban Photo Shoot With Aki – Ticked Off One On Her Bucket List

Went out for a photoshoot with Akiko.  This time my make up artist was Belle. This was the first time I worked with Belle and Akiko and I commend them for their professionalism and dedication for the shoot.  

 This photoshoot also serves as a celebration of Aki’s  bday. Guys, don’t ask me how old she is. I tell you she is still young but old enough to legally do this photo shoot.. 

As her choice, she wanted to have Urban Look portraits so off we went to the streets of Kuala Lumpur and took some shots.. 

We found the above location on a side walk. I love the gritty look of this one. 

While we were about to change outfit, we passed at this cool place on a shade with lots of pipes good for the theme we are shooting. So we shoot there for at least 30 minutes and got the shots we wanted. 

The wall above coincides with our theme. You would not know that this was just a wall or some kind of a water tank near central market. Even after 3 shots, the security guard told us we were not allowed to shoot so we stopped. But it was alright because we had the shots we wanted. 

While on the way to our main shoot location, we managed to take some shots while inside the train.. We had utilized the time properly and so happy with the results. 

 Me, Belle and Aki
Me, Belle and Aki

After the shoot, we headed to a great place to eat. We were so tired that we forgot it’s past noon.  

Great thanks to Belle for doing the hair and makeup. You can follow her and see her works on her Instagram page. Aki for such a good sport during the shoot. Check out Aki’s instagram and follow her too. Do comment on the comment section below.

Overall, I liked the outcome of the photos. Even before post production. This means we will have another project with Aki and Belle as a collaboration soon. 

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