The Master Photographer Meets The Print Master

 Photo by: Anthony Barlan From left: Erich Caparas, Anthony Barlan, Roger Tan, Mark Liau Photo by: Anthony Barlan From left: Erich Caparas, Anthony Barlan, Roger Tan, Mark Liau

Sept 3 and 4,  2016, workshop participants were in for a treat from the historic city of Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.That’s because it was not just an ordinary photography workshop you see every now and then.  It was in my opinion the best collaborative workshop in photography that makes sense. Photography does not end after you edit the photos and post it on social media and get some likes. There’s another aspect the we tend to not dive into as it requires years and years of experience and technical skills and that is to print the images you shoot. This doesn’t mean that you just have to send your finished photos to the printer or to a photo print service,  the process is way much complicated. To be a good print master, you may need to spend more time printing than doing photography. This workshop doesn’t only teach you how to improve your photography, it teaches you the ins and outs of printing your photos and understanding what the print master wants to get it right and save more time.

Organized by A|B Creative Works Productions led by Anthony Barlan, The workshop instructors were Erich Caparas who has more than 30 years of experience in photography teaches photography from posing, the technical aspects of lighting and post processing.
His editorials appeared in almost 100 fashion magazines. His works were also featured National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Smithsonian Institution etc. He is now named as Fellowship at Master Photographer Association, a UK based photography organization. To learn more about Erich, head to his bio page. 

Mark Liau on the other hand, is the print master teaching about the printer side of things.
He owns The Print Studio and they have been printing photos for particiapants of WPPI, WPPM, MPA, Professional Photographers and of course everyday enthusiast photographers since 2009.

The Workshop Location

The location was well picked by our organizer Anthony Barlan of A|B Creative Works Production. Aside from the known fact that it was held at the historic place of Georgetown, Panang (World Heritage Site), the Eyedear Studio was perfect for such a big workshop not to mention their complete and sophisticated equipment.

The Participants

The Models

Here’s a simple video I created for the event. 

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