The 10th Annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk in KL

 Three tourist girls from China. Thought it would be great to take a photo of them. 
Three tourist girls from China. Thought it would be great to take a photo of them. 

This photo walk tradition has been very important part of my photography journey. In fact, this was my 5th consecutive year joining the event and I still want to join more future Scott Kelby WW photo walks every year. 

The Challenge

To give myself a bit of a challenge, I decided to pack light. I just brought one camera and one lens. That’s it.  It was indeed challenging as I only brought my 45mm (equivalent to 90mm on full frame). I was indeed challenged. 


Most of the photos I took leaned towards portraits. That is because it looks more flattering using portrait with my lens on hand. I purposely did this as I mentioned so I don’t have any complaints about it. In return, I got to walk better with lighter bag and got to focus on taking pictures and not switching lenses.


Photographers from all walks of life joined the walk and I was surprised that this time was just all fun, conversation and sharing of ideas. Everyone was busy taking shots after shots but also gave time to speak with each other when there are no interesting subjects to shoot.


Along the walk, we visited 3 places of worship. Two Chinese temples and 1 Indian temple. It was great taking photos inside the temples showcasing diversity in religion. Although I come to these temples during some other photo walks, I still went in and shoot. 

There is so much story behind or why this photo walk has been created. The very huge part of that aside from bringing photographers closer together is that they are donating to proceeds from walk shirts or just plain monetary donation from photographers to the Springs of Hope Foundation in Kenya. This has been going on since the beginning and every year and this walk has helped a lot for the foundation.

Kudos to Scott and the team for really making it an annual event to help the children. It goes to show their dedication to give back to the world through photography.

Not only the photographers are helping the Foundation or meeting new friends, everyone who joined has the chance to win awesome prizes from the sponsors. The announcement of winners will be announced in few days and I can’t wait to see the results. I don’t expect to win even from our own walk, it’s just that there are too many great eyes out there. You have to be at the right moment at the right time and situation. I’m just glad that I was able to join for the 5th consecutive time and it felt good.

Thank you guys for taking time to read this post. See you on the next one. 
I recently went on for a trip outside of Malaysia. Watch out on my next post.

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