Mobile Phone Photography To The Next Level

Huawei and Leica stayed true to their partnership with the P9 by taking it to a higher notch.  It is not just a marketing stunt but aside from collaborating on creating the best flagship phone through an extra ordinary camera,  both companies worked together to organize a workshop related to photography. 

It’s the monochrome workshop led by Aqmal Hadee Shapee.  I never knew him until this workshop but I must say that he is very humble and explains well and gives relevant examples in any given situation. 

We met the Leica store manager, her staff and Huawei representatives who were very passionate in making the event fun and successful. 

I thought that was all just classroom workshop but we actually went out and shoot the real world. Aqmal showed us his secrets and tools used in producing his masterpieces. The weather was so hot but it’s worth it. 

Portraits in monochrome was part of the workshop. So I snapped some from random strangers along the vicinity. Luckily we were near klcc so there are so many interesting subjects to shoot. 

Here are some of the photos I took during the workshop. 

 With Aqmal during the group photo session.. 
With Aqmal during the group photo session.. 

The participants,  me included brought home some knowledge and got inspired to shoot more in monochrome.  Definitely both Huawei and Leica did a great job in organizing this event. But most of all,  it showed us that they are not only after of selling more products but also taking care of the customers by way of education and inspiration. Good job  Huawei and Leica. 

 Photo by: Huawei Malaysia      
Photo by: Huawei Malaysia     

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