So Lucky Invited by Blackberry Q10 Event

With my 18-55mm lens, D5100 body and  my inexpensive flash, I was able to document an important event in the mobile phone industry in Asia. This was the first launching of the Blackberry Q10 in Asia.
Attended by partners and consumers in the industry, it was rather a simple yet accommodating event hosted by Blackberry Malaysia. They rented the whole place (Laundy Bar, The Curve in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and it was an invite-only event which I was so lucky to get invited.


There were few photographer in the event. I only saw one official photographer and few attendees with cameras which made it so easy to take some shots. The flash really helped me take well lighted photos but most of the time, it’s a trial and error when moving to a different distance from the subject. It’s because my flash is a manual flash. The photo above was taken without a flash. I intentionally did it to capture ambient light from the bar stage. I wouldn’t think it would be this colorful if i used flash. So there are really times you need a flash and not. But of course as soon as I turned off my flash, i had to compensate with my ISO to 2000 so the photo wont come up under exposed.


With the subject on stage in front of me, I’d rather have a flash so this is the result.  At ISO 100, shutter speed around 30-60, and at an aperture of F/8. If  my first shot with the subject, turns over exposed, I change flash power first, then take a shot again. mostly it is corrected that way. But in case it still is to bright after the lowest power in my flash,  I still have the option to use F/11 aperture and above to cut down some light. It’s a little bit tricky when you change from “with flash” to “without flash”

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