Revisiting The “Palace Of The Golden Horses”

The Horses are really in gold.

So this was my 2nd time to visit “The Palace” as they call it and I was still in awe of how beautiful the place is. I realized that going to a wonderful place for the second time makes you appreciate the place more. 

To get there, you need to ride a water taxi ( they call it a taxi) to get the whole experience of getting through by water. From the train station, you can just walk to the next stop which is the Mines Mall. We preferred using the water taxi since its faster way to get there. 

Then the water taxi enters to a tunnel with this beautiful view from. This is one of a kind Mall with a lake underneath and we entered the mall using the water taxi. Although mall entrances by foot are also available in almost all corners of the mall.  We had our lunch there and rested for a while.

To go to the next location, we have to walk to another building call Mines Welness Hotel. This is where another bout will bring us to the Palace. 

This is a hotel part of the Mines Resort that you can also stay which has some sort of welness facilities for its guests.

Then, the photo below is where the boat awaits for passengers and once we got in the boat, the driver immediately showed up to go for the destination. We were the only passengers at that time so it looked more exclusive to us. 

On the way to the palace, this is what you’ll see. 

Right at the boat, while approaching the palace, this was the view. You can see the Palace as a whole. 


Here are the photos I took of the Palace includng inside stuffs.. 

Take note that all photos were taken using GoPro Hero3+ and processed using Snapseed on iPad. 

It was a trip worth the effort. I will always like to go back to this place maybe while the sun set and it may bring a different photo after all. Anyways, I enjoyed it very much but if you are someone who doesn’t want to roam around under the scourging sun, you might want to plan a trip here during late afternoon as the services here only starts around 10:00 am.  It was a different experience having not to bring my tripod and that huge dslr. All I did was selfie after selfie. ‘Till next time.  

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