One Fine Afternoon in Petaling Jaya

You’ll never know what’s gonna happen until it happens. I did not expect to see this beauty in my 2 years living in this condo in Petaling Jaya. Now this spot will be my favorite spot to hang out to destress or just cool down. This is just beside the pool so I can always jump in when I want to. 


I went down to see what it looks like during golden hour and what I saw was priceless. It’s not always like this in this place specially that it’s been raining every afternoon lately.
The only camera I had at that time was my phone and to go up to our unit and get a bigger camera would be a waste of time and I would probably miss this wonderful sight.


To think back about it, I could say, it was just pure luck that I was on that perfect spot at the perfect time. If I was 3 minutes late, I would not be able to see that golden sky with bluish background hinting that day is about to end and night has started.

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