A Phone For Photographers?

In a very unusual way, I stumbled upon the best smartphone for photographers. Until today, I’m still amazed how good this phone in terms of its camera features.

Okay enough with the intro. No its not an iPhone. It’s not a Samsung Galaxy phone. It’s the Huawei P9. This phone is not just an ordinary phone but packed with features a photographer would want on a smartphone.
Fore more detailed specs of the phone, check this article about the P9.

I had to test it to prove that it produces quality photos as advertised.  All photos on this article were taken by the P9.

I like how the monochrome sensor processes black &  white photos.  They look so real.  Your normal phone camera processes your black and white photos by lowering down the saturation.  This one does it from the sensor itself as it was captured and the contrast is so good that I don’t even need to process them anymore.

Low light environment,  no problem as I can use very wide aperture up to f0.95. The cameras are rated with F2. 2 aperture but since they are dual, it can gather more light as if using F. 0.95.

Wide Aperture

Shooting at night had better output compared to any other phone that I have used so far. Not grainy photos as you can see and sharp. Colors are amazing too.

It comes with different modes that shows uo when you swipe the screen from the left.

 The pro mode is what excites me the most. It gives me more control of the camera just like a dslr will do.  The pro mode is what excites me the most. It gives me more control of the camera just like a dslr will do.

The wide aperture effects is my favorite. It simulates wide aperture bokeh effect of up to f0.95 aperture which means you get a bokeliscious softness of the background yet super sharp on the subject. The good thig about this is that once taken using this effect, you can re focus to anither subject even after the photo has been taken. Now ats true innovation on the software side.

Technology is evolving and new updates come every month or two. There are some things that needs to be improved definitely on this phone but it’s a start. This will create the beginning of more explorations and innovations of mobile phone photography so let us sit back and let technology work for us and not the other way around.

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