Kuala Lumpur Under Construction

 Bukit Bintang street just beside Sephora and Pavilion Mall Bukit Bintang street just beside Sephora and Pavilion Mall

If you have visited Kuala Lumpur in this year 2014, you’ve probably seen the scenario above when you visited the main streets of Kuala Lumpur most specially the street of Bukit Bintang. For tourists, it is not a very picturesque scenery and there is nothing we can do with it. But when I see these kind of things, I tend to look forward at the back of my mind and imagine what if this work is finished? How would it look like? What are the benifits if these work are done? And when you think like that, your perception will change and you begin to understand that this needs to happen, just few sacrifices in exchange for a better and efficient one. We always expect big constructions such as that in a major street is only done to improve and make the peoples lives better and easier and gain more out of it. Which may or may not turn good but that is another story.

One weekend, I decided to roam around KL area and see how much I can see of these constructions and to take pictures of them just using my gopro. I used the public transport the get to certain points in the city and got some photos back.

This photo below was taken along Kerinchi area where Bangsar South is. Another fast growing business district where huge buildings started to sprout in the skylines. I remember that this place was a little bit barren 4 years ago and suddenly, massive construction site. I am impressed by how fast they have done constructing those buildings. I can say, another two years and this will really look different.

Below is the monorail train, taken while was waiting for the one on my side to stop so I can move to he next station.

Below. Taken while inside the monorail train, the wide angle lens of the gopro did a good job of getting wider shots like this while preserving the details of the buildings outside. You will mostly not know that i am shooting through a window glass here and when you see the boy on the left, you can see his reflection.

The constructions are just on the main areas and sights such as this can be seen when you tour around the city using public transport. I think it will be an alternative way of seeing the city rather than dwelling to those common and overcrowded places that people would normally go to.

I took this photo below just after i reached the Pasar Seni Lrt Station and I went off and walked. There are some interesting locations to shoot here as it has its diversity of elements that you can include as subjects.

Another worth noting subjects are the graffitis along the walls in this place in Pasar Seni LRT Station.

And lastly, the photo below was shot while I’m standing in the middle of the main street Bukit Bintang just as I was crossing it. More constructions left and right. Then my thought process sinked in again. Now I am more excited of how this will turn out when the constructions are done and how it will affect tourists and the people who drive to these streets all the time. The only question is when will it be done?

As I have mentioned, these photos were all taken with my gopro handheld and post processed using my ipad mini. Yes the ipad and no photoshop involved.

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