Indulged Myself At TGV

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. TGV Cinemas never contacted me to do this blog. This is merely based on my opinion and observation during my experience.

Tanjung Golden Village (TGV) Cinemas, one of the top cinema chain in Malaysia has turned up a notch on their premium cinema experience bringing technology with wide variety of food and cozy huge double seats. If I’m not mistaken, they have a premium class cinema before but this one was recently launched in 2016.


As of the writing of this blog, there are currently 2 Indulge Cinemas in Malaysia. One is in Sunway Velocity, Cheras (newly opened mall December 2016) and the other on is in 1Utama Shopping Center. The cinema I went was the one in Sunway Velocity. I chose this one because I liked the fact that the mall is new and this is something that needs to be explored too.

The TGV Cinema in Sunway Velocity mall is spanking new. They are even using the new machine ticketing system with touch screens for movie goers to use so no long lines when you purchase tickets. But who buys tickets in cinemas anymore these days? most of my cinema tickets were purchased online so I will not suffer in going through lines. But this alternative using touch screen auto ticketing machines is a good idea and I congratulate TGV for implementing that. They also have saved having to hire extra person just to issue tickets for movie goers.

For Indulge, It’s different. Although it can be purchased online, you also have the option to purchase a ticket there.
TIP: If you purchase an Indulge ticket for two online, all you need is choose 1 quantity and it’s already good for two people. It’s because 1 ticket is considered double, good for two persons.
Don’t make the common mistake of buying 2 tickets as this will mean 4 seats for 4 people.

The hallway to the lounge looks futuristic with these red and purple lights, certainly it keep the mood more cozy yet discreet.

The lounge looks so premium. Only problem is the color of the light which makes photos not that good. See above and below to understand what I mean.

The screen. This cinema is not that huge and I think that should be the case because there’s not much people who are going to watch at this price and this really caters more on couples who really want exclusivity and privacy.

With the feet rest set up high, I’m almost like laying down and ready to sleep.

This is how it looks. Twin lazy boy-type of seats with comfy thick blanket to wrap yourselves while watching the movie. With this set up, you can easily doze off. The food are on the sides of both twin seats and in the middle is the tablet which you can see the menu and order from.
This tablet setup goes beyond ordering as you have the option to swipe your card and pay just right on your seat (see the small box that looks like a calculator on the left side of the tablet).

While watching the movie, here’s how it looks to order. You just simply tap on the picture of what you need then enter the quantity and it will be sent to their kitchen for preparation then will be served once done.

This is really something premium. I haven’t tried anything like this here so I can’t compare it with any other similar service. I think GSC Cinemas has something like this but I’m not sure. Definitely this is something expensive but I think when you think about all your hard work, this is not such a bad idea just sort of rewarding yourself.

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