Had Fun Shooting OneFC “Return of Warriors”

It was an awesome experience for me to shoot in an mma event. A really fast action sport that I am not familiar of shooting with. It was my first time to shoot for an mma event.
At 6400 ISO, my shutter speed is at 1/50th and aperture at 5.6. My lens only allows aperture of 5.6 when zoomed out and I was struggling with those settings. What I mean is, my lens wasn’t that fast to freeze the action and not able to get more depth of field to shoot through the fence and get more focus on the fighters action.

The ideal camera settings for this kind of event should be 1/500th to 1/1000 , ISO at 1600 and aperture at the most open like 1.8 or wider.

20130303-120213.jpg 20130303-120944.jpg

Thanks to OneFC for bringing world class mma fights to Kuala Lumpur and to Ministry of Photography Singapore (MPSOG) for organising the photoshoot for us.

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