Calleverde Cafe – The Newest Cafe In Town

You probably have heard it before and if by chance you googled it, it literally means “green street”.  This newest cafe in town  is situated near the busiest and more touristy place in China Town. But this is not your ordinary cafe,  it’s more than that. Read on to know more.

To start off, CalleVerde Cafe is a pork free establishment and they offer a wide range of food choices from day snacks and refreshments, to your mainstream Filipino and western cuisine. Not to mention their wide range of pastries and deserts that are truly picked for those looking for something new.
I have not tried all of the food that they serve from their menu but  had quiet few when me and my photography friends visited CalleVerde one Saturday afternoon.

What’s inside of CalleVerde? The space is so huge that I imagined if the tables are all occupied, it would still look spacious. This means more people can go in without sacrificing how each and every one can move. As you may noticed on the photos above (don’t get tempted to look down at this point),  the place is well lit, the huge glass window in the front really helped the natural light in. Look at those huge and wonderful photos framed on its four corners.  They are works of my photographer friend Lolit Whorlow. The photos were well selected to suit for the cafe.

Now let’s talk about the food starting with the desert. Just a disclaimer, I don’t do food review but I should be equivalent to your average guy to know enough what a good food tastes or not. After all, it is very subjective topic. Let’s start with the deserts.

Home-made Ice Cream

CalleVerde is very proud and confident about their home-made ice cream. After tasting 2 out of the 3, I would say that it was well done and at par to any decent ice cream that you can taste out there. The texture in its flavor vary in little ways. Served in a very enticing presentation with toppings that make it a well deserving desert. I highly recommend the avocado flavor (second picture below).

 Home-ade Ice Cream - Mango Flavor Home-ade Ice Cream – Mango Flavor


 Home-ade Ice Cream - Avocado Flavor Home-ade Ice Cream – Avocado Flavor


Ube – Yam Cake

Look at this tempting photos of the Ube Yam Cake. A must try desert. One slice will satisfy your cravings for desert after a delightful meal.


A perfect example of great attention to details is shown on the photo below. This definitely helped the place more pleasing to the customers.
This is where the home made all-time Filipino favorite pastries and delicacies are displayed.. Do check out those too.


I would say that the highlight for our lunch  were the main dishes. This is where CalleVerde truly shines as favorite Filipino and Western dishes are available as part of their menu.

Chicken Adobo

A very minimalistic aproach to food presentation and the taste says it all. Our foodie expert and fellow photographer Robert showed his thumbs up as a sign of his approval after finishing this meal.


Bangsilog with freshly pressed juice

Now here comes my meal. Bangsilog is another common Filipino dish which is up there at the top of all-time-Filipino favorites. The fish was well cooked and properly marinated. What makes it special is the garlic rice and the special  vinegar to eat it with. Again, another thumbs up for a well cooked and elegantly presented Bangsilog.


Fish’N Chips

Our friend Robin went for a western dish, the Fish’N Chips. I think he purposely chose this so next time he comes back to this place, he will have a taste of the other dishes.
His feedback to this dish was another thumbs up.


Chilli Con Carne

This dish was for everyone. Rice topped with ground meat and some vegetables



My other friend Sim, had this Embosilog dish and nothing was left on his plate.

The spring rolls were heaven. Everyone had a taste of it and it was all positive considering that the plates immediately got empty after we shoot it.
The secret, the dip.

 And oh I almost forgot the coffee And oh I almost forgot the coffee



To sum it all up, CalleVerde definitely has a lot to offer for its customers. May it be a tourist looking for an adventure seeking for cafes in KL or a Filipino living in Malaysia craving for Filipino food or just any food lover who wants to explore food that you don’t normally get to try here in Malaysia. The wide space inside the cafe is a plus and the photos on the wall are refreshing to the eyes. You will forget that you are near the busy Chinatown when you are inside. Just one suggestion, during the time we were there, I think there was a portable speaker playing music. I would love to see them upgrade that to a better one where music can  be heard from every corner of the cafe but not too annoyingly loud that it won’t disrupt people talking to each other. A good  music will surely enhance the ambiance and set the mood of the customers. Since they just opened 3 weeks ago, I’m sure there are still some improvements that they will be able do as time goes by and probably as what their customers will suggest.
I highly recommend this cafe if you are in Kuala Lumpur or the vicinity of Chinatown. If I have friends visiting Malaysia, or if my Malaysian friends want to explore Filipino and western food, I would definitely bring them here to experience what CalleVerde is all about.

 With me during the lunch were, (from right) Robert, Robin, me, Sim, Lolit and Cress (owner of CalleVerde). With me during the lunch were, (from right) Robert, Robin, me, Sim, Lolit and Cress (owner of CalleVerde).

Update: Calle Verde has mow moved to this new address.  Be sure to visit them.

G-019, PJ Centrestage, Jalan 13/1, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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