Buddies Re-United

If you have been following my blogs from the beginning, you will know that most of my landscape photos were taken with my photography buddies and they are part of the reasons I learned photography so fast. Each time adding more spark to my love of photography. Years have passed and we have our own separate lives but after a long time, we were reunited again. We hunted for sunrise this time.

We did have a good time catching up and hung out for few hours.

To anyone who has a passion, even not photography, I advice you not to lurk in your room but go out and meet people with same interest as you are. Having my photography buddies made it easy and fun to learn photography. Passion is best when shared.

Took this with my Gopro Hero 4 SE and edited in mobile. My shots from my dslr has yet to be transferred to my computer so stay tuned for my other postings in social media.

And after the the shoot was a delightful breakfast with our host Ate Lolit Whorlow.

 Photo by Rajohn. CW: Lolit, Van, Ed, Jonnel & Rajohn Photo by Rajohn. CW: Lolit, Van, Ed, Jonnel & Rajohn

Thanks buddies, ’till our next photowalk.

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