Broga Hill Adventure With A Relay Run

Yes that’s me. Together with two of my photography friends, we conquered Broga Hill.  Some say that this trail is average but for me,  it’s something more than that. Read on and see what I meant.  

We left from our home location while it’s still dark, around 5 AM and got there in less than 45 minutes. At first, I thought it was just easy because I did not see from far due to darkness. We were aiming to reach before the sun shows up for sunrise.


Check out this quick video captured by Suunto gps on my watch. Shows you the change of elevation from this trek.
Let me get directly to the quick relay we did from the first peak.


When we reached the top, all the leg pains and heavy breathing all seemed gone. The air was a bit colder despite the sun is starting to cover the whole mountain. You can see the greenery starts to turn gold-ish green and the surroundings start to become clearer.
Above, we climbed to a rock and started to set our cameras and tripods. My friend John set up his drone. 

Below is another video compilation of the trip including some photos. Trust me this is just less than 2 minutes.


But wait there’s more.

Here’s the drone footage from my friend Rajohn .
Big thanks to Dennis and Rajohn who invited me to join their trek.

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