Better Than Sex at Merchant’s Lane

Disclaimer : I don’t do food reviews and this is not a food review. This food and place is so good that I want everyone to know about this. 

Merchant’s lane is not your ordinary coffee shop. It may look like one but once you step into their staircase, you’ll see what I mean. The ambiance is great and you have 3 sections of the place that may suit your taste. They have their regular tables in front where it’s air conditioned and  next is what I  think as a smoker’s area as it is not air conditioned at all but has the light from above which it think is so amazing and some creative decors. 

Photos above by Jenny Woo and Tzahern on Facebook

” Better Than Sex ” – Pandan roti jala topped with melted cheese and served wit yummy kaya toast ice cream and a drizzle of gula Melaka

When you taste this desert, you’ll feel the mixture of different textures and at the same time creamy and sweetness of the Ingredients. It is after all a desert. If you’d as me if it is indeed better than sex, I must say it comes close to sex. But for those who might not have had one for a long time, then maybe you won’t even be able to distinguish if it is better or not. 
It’s just amazing. 

Don’t believe me for this, you have try it yourself then let me know if I’m right.  This is not the only food they offer, in fact they have wide variety of food. I was told by my friend Robin who brought me to this place that they close late at night around 11 pm.. I still need to go there at night to see the difference. I’m assuming it might be packed..

I noticed that most of the people who go to this place are younger generations. It might be  a different scenario during night time though. I will have to confirm that.  
Will end this blog until here for now. Let me know your thoughts and your experience if you have tried this place in KL. I highly recommend and will surely bring some visitors there. 

Shout outs to my friends Robin Wong and Robert Evangelista for taking me to this place after our photo walk .

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