A Portrait Photography Workshop With Nadirah Zakariya

Another claps and praises to Huawei and Leica for organizing another successful event and bringing more value to owners of the Huawei P9 (that includes me). To me as a customer, this proves that both companies are true to their partnership and building that relationship to customers, making us loyal to the brand thus more purchase for them. 
But loyalty is earned long term so let’s not talk about that for now. 

Huawei and Leica brought Nadirah Zakariya to teach us about portrait photography and indeed, she delivered with high marks in my opinion.
She is Malaysian born  who has been working in New York and lived in Texas, Georgia and Japan. Her experiences living in different cultures, helped shape her style in photography.

Avenue K (Leica store, where the workshop was held) was the perfect place for the workshop as we didn’t need to go out of the mall to simulate available light as the top floor of the mall has a large auditorium like area which has an open glass above.

We teamed up with another participant (2 each team), and had a chance to shoot each other as what Nadirah taught us for few minutes before we headed out. 

Cant wait to attend for other workshops in the future.

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